Lunch on the Patio

Enjoy dinner on our riverfront patio or warm up inside by the fire. It’s Italy done right with the freshest ingredients and lovingly prepared dishes.

Amazing Italian Cuisine

The best thin crust pizzas, hand made pasta and gnocchi, flavorful paninis and many other authentic Italian dishes.

The Best Breakfasts!

Get your morning started right with incredible breakfasts and amazing views!

Hand Made Pasta

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$12.95 Hand Rolled Potato Gnocchi Gorgonzola Fresh herbs and gorgonzola cream reduction. $13.95 House Made Potato Gnocchi Diavolo Spicy sausage. banana peppers, tender spinach and tomato ragout. $15.95 Fettuccini Fruit De Mare Hand rolled fettuccini with steamed mussels, clams and seafood stewed in a white wine tomato sugo. $13.95 Rigatoni Diavolo - Zesty! Spicy sausage, fire roasted pepper, toasted chilis and garlic cloves tossed in tomato ragout. $15.95 Fettuccini Amore Hand rolled fettuccini and char broiled jumbo shrimp with sun dried tomatoes and asparagus in a chunky vodka rose sauce. $14.95 Rigatoni Pollo Primavera Garden vegetables, forest mushrooms, char broiled chicken and crumbled goat cheese tossed in basil pine nut pesto. $15.95 Spaghetti Rustica Succulent jumbo shrimp, chicken and prosciutto tossed with fire roasted peppers and artichokes in a parmesan cream.