lnsalata Giardino
Tender greens, vine ripe tomato, cucumber, artichokes, shredded carrot, garbanzo bean and grated parmesan with house croutons and balsamic port vinaigrette. – 7.95

Panzanella Salad
Grilled ciabatta bread, crisp romaine, asiago, cucumber and garbanzo bean. Honey dijon dressing. – 9.95

Add to any salad:
Chicken – 3.95 Shrimp – 4.95 Salmon – 4.95

lnsalata Caesar
Crisp romaine, smoked bacon, parmesan, house made croutons and creamy garlic dressing. – 8.95

Spinach Artichoke Salad
Garden spinach, grilled artichokes, bacon and chick peas in a roasted garlic vinaigrette. – 8.95


Bella Zupa
Chef’s market soup inspiration. – 4.95

Bella Truffle Fries

Golden fluffy hand cut fries tossed in truffle salt, parmesan and chopped parsely. – 7.95

Bruschetta a la Vista
Toasted calabrese, ripe tomato, red onion, Italian parsley and roasted garlic chips, basil pesto and asiago cheese. – 6.95

Bella Antipasto
Italian meats and cheeses, olives, marinated tomatoes, pickled vegetables and crostini. – 13.95

Caprese Classica
Classic vine ripe tomato and house made mozzarella salad with basil, arugula and pesto vinaigrette. – 8.95

House Made Meatballs
Pork, beef and veal meatballs. Chef’s Sunday gravy, lemon infused ricotta cheese. – 8.95

Calamari Diavolo
Fried calamari, banana peppers, roasted tomato pomodoro. – $12.95

Stuffed Hungarian Banana Peppers
Hot Italian sausage, herbed ricotta, roasted red pepper cream. – 8.95

10 Colossal Buffalo Wings
Classic “Buffalo” style wings served mild, medium, hot, BBQ, or char grilled. – 12.95

Pastas and Mains

House Made Potato Gnocchi Diavolo
Spicy sausage. banana peppers, tender spinach and tomato ragout. – 13.95

Gnocchi Shrimp Carbonara
Tender shrimp, peas, bacon and parmesan. – 15.95

Fettuccini Amore
Hand rolled fettuccini and sautéed jumbo shrimp with sun dried tomatoes and asparagus in a chunky vodka rose sauce. – 15.95

Spaghetti & Meatballs
Classic meatballs, Chef’s Sunday gravy and fresh mozzarella. – 14.95

Tortellini Alfredo
Locally made tortellini, alfredo sauce, roasted portabello, broccolini, grated lemon. – 14.95
Add Grilled Chicken – 2.95

Fettucini Roasted Salmon
Hand rolled futtucini, roasted salmon, fennel, leeks and roasted tomato tossed with a rich Sambuca cream. – 15.95

Pollo Scaloppini Artichoke
Butterflied chicken breast pan fried in garlic butter and topped with an artichoke, sun dried tomato and caper sauté, resting on a bed of fettuccini in pesto cream. – 16.95

Parmigiana Crusted Tilapia
Fresh herbs, parmesan and bread crumb crust sautéed in garlic butter served with peperonata and creamy spaghetti. – 16.95

Grilled Lemon Chicken
Roasted woodland mushrooms and quinoa salad sprinkled with almonds, steamed broccolini and a swoosh of roasted red pepper sauce. – 16.95

Apple Glazed Pork Chop
Char grilled chop with house bacon, asparagus, white bean fingerling potato hash and apple brandy sauce. – 18.95

Bella Parmigiana
Lightly breaded, mozzarella, pomodoro and penne alfredo.
Chicken – 16.95 Veal – 17.95 Eggplant – 15.95
Protein option available.

Chicken Marsala
Mixed mushrooms, roasted sweet peppers, classic demi glaze and roasted leek risotto. – 17.95

Grilled Salmon
Cranberry almond cous cous, broccolini, cherry tomato, basil butter. – 18.95

Grilled 8oz Fillet of Sirloin Steak
Portabello risotto, baby spinach and red wine demi glaze. – 23.95

8 oz Flank Steak and Fries
Char-grilled flank steak and golden house cut fries. – 19.95
Add Blue Cheese Cream – 1.95 Add Truffle Fries – 1.95


Grilled vegetables, olives, roma tomato, fresh mozzarella and asiago cheese. 12″: 12.95

The Classic
Fresh mozzarella, crisp cup and char pepperoni, house made oregano pizza sauce. 12″: 12.95

Plum tomato, EVOO, basil leaves, shredded mozzarella, sea salt. 12″: 12.95

Prosciutto and Arugula
Garlic butter, house bruschetta, grilled vegetables, topped with cured prosciutto arugula salad. 12″: 14.95

Garlic cream, garden spinach, sun dried tomatoes, feta and mozzarella cheeses. 12″: 14.95

Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Breaded chicken strips, buffalo wing sauce, blue cheese dressing, fresh mozzarella. A Western New York classic. 12″: 14.95

Burgers and Paninis

Smoked Ham “BLT”
Roasted pit ham, smoked bacon, smoked gouda, butter lettuce and plum tomato dressed with honey mustard aioli. – 13.95

Chicken Caprese
Grilled chicken, marinated onions, provolone, basil leaves and tomato jam. – 13.95

Lemon Pesto and Three Cheese
Smoked gouda, fontina, pesto, lemon ricotta and tomato. – 10.95

Meatball Submarine
House made meatballs, pomodoro, mozzarella and garlic butter – 13.95

Mushroom Mozza Burger
8 oz angus beef burger smothered in mushrooms, mozzarella & bruschetta on a bakery fresh bun. – 14.95

Charbroiled Bella Burger
8oz angus beef burger on a bakery fresh bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, American cheese. – 12.95